Bachelor of Science (Hons)

International Law

Launch your legal career with our prestigious LLB, the foundation for thousands of successful legal professionals worldwide.

Our world-class LLB is of international standing. It has been the first step in the careers of thousands of practising lawyers around the world.

Develop a critical awareness of the common law legal tradition and apply problem-solving skills to a range of legal and non-legal settings.

Programme structure, modules and specification

Our LLB has two routes and your choice will depend upon whether you have a degree or not.

  • Do you hold a degree that makes you eligible for Graduate Entry? (Study 9 modules to complete, instead of the usual 12).

Standard Entry Route

Graduate Entry Route

  • If you are not eligible for the LLB, can you access an approved local teaching centre? This may allow you to study the CertHE Common Law and progress to the LLB.

We recommend that you check the requirements of the professional body in the jurisdiction in which you wish to practise before committing to the degree.

The Programme Specification and Programme Regulations contain information and rules regarding what modules may be chosen and the order in which they must be studied.

*Will be made available subject to approval

Academic direction

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