British International University's vision is to be the first-choice university in Erbil and the wider region. BIU’s five strategic aims are:

  • Financial growth: year-on-year market growth resulting in financial stability and future capital investment.
  • Our offer: a high-quality range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes from British universities taught by both national and international staff. 
  • Student experience: an unparalleled student experience both in quality of teaching, facilities and extension opportunities.
  • Research: an internationally recognised research faculty.



The British International University in Erbil aims to enhance society by offering top-tier international educational, learning, and research opportunities in partnership with the University of London. This collaboration underscores a commitment to academic excellence and global engagement.

Core Values


By embracing our core values, BIU aims to create a vibrant,inclusive learning environment where students will progress academically,personally and professionally.

  • Integrity: We uphold the highest ethical standards, demonstrating honesty, transparency, and accountability in all our actions andinteractions, earning the trust and respect of our community.
  • Inclusivity: We pride ourselves on ourinclusive and diverse community, valuing and respecting the unique perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences of all individuals, and creating anenvironment where everyone feels welcomed and valued.
  • Collaboration: We promote collaboration and teamwork, recognising the power of collective effort and diverse perspectives in driving innovation, promoting mutual respect, and achieving shared goals.
  • Excellence: We strive for excellence in all endeavours, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and dedication to achieving the highest standards of academic and operational excellence.
  • Global Citizenship: We promote global citizenship, inclusivity, and innovation, preparing students to contribute positively to the interconnected world.
  • Innovation: We embrace innovation and creativity, encouraging bold and forward-thinking approaches to education, research, and problem-solving, driving positive change in society.

University of London Member Institutions:

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