International Foundation Programme

The International Foundation Programme prepares you with the skills, knowledge, and experience you need to gain direct entry to undergraduate degrees. The programme’s world-class teaching is recognised globally. The IFP is one of the most widely accepted foundation programmes in the world.

Programme duration 1 year (full-time);

Application deadlines 14 October 2023

Academic direction from University of London

International Foundation Programme (IFP)

• The programme is across the world and you are taught in classrooms with access to our Virtual Learning Environment.

• The studies are academically rigorous and cover a wide range of topics including Law, Economics, Politics and more.

• You are guaranteed entry to the wide ranging undergraduate degrees offered through the University of London and with academic direction from its member intuitions; London School of Economics (LSE), Goldsmiths, King’s College London and Royal Holloway.

• As an IFP student, you can also apply to study at a wide range of universities in the UK and other countries.

• Upon successfully completing the IFP, all students will be eligible to attend the University of London's graduation ceremony in London.

• At the British International University, this programme is regarded as the first year of a four-year undergraduate degree, and upon completion of the IFP course, students can select which degree they would like to pursue.

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